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Lippert Components

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Lippert Components si impegna a proteggere l'ambiente e a risparmiare risorse selezionando materiali e processi produttivi sostenibili. Utilizziamo materiali riciclati di qualit


We eliminate nearly 400 tons of dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) every year by powder-coating our products instead of using coatings comprised of solvents or other harmful materials.


Two of our large facilities have solar arrays on the roof, producing more than 1 million KW Hours per year. We are looking into adding other systems using natural resources at other facilities.


We regrind more than 900 tons of ABS plastic scraps annually from two thermoforming plants and send them back to our supplier to recycle and reuse.


We recycle more than 200 tons of cardboard every year.


We recycled more than 16,000 tons of metal in 2012 and that number grows every year.