The Gasketing (FIPFG) and RV

Metallarte has patented the application of the gasketing technology to the aluminum profiles designated to the production of doors and hatches in the RV industry and has also patented the vacuum mounting system. The machine that performs the FIPFG deposits a layer of liquid polyurethane on the internal part of the frame. This substance solidifies in a short time, maintaining characteristics of compressibility and impermeability. Therefore it becomes a complete anti-infiltration seal placed between the “sandwich” panel and the frame. With this system the use of glues has been minimized. The “sandwich” is put on the work desk and placed in the frame. Here a pump creates a vacuum and allows the panel to stick to the seal. The lot is then assembled using little metallic plates fastened with O-ring rivets. This process enables the verification of the watertight of the lot. In order to obtain a perfect waterproofing, machineries designed for this purpose add an O-ring to each rivet. Metallarte provides the pre-assembled panel but can also supply all the components and even the assembly table with the vacuum pump to RV manufacturers.

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