Smartroom Frame

The figures that are inserted instead of the “xxxx” indicate the dimensions of the hole to be made for the SmartRoom.

The kit consists of:
• Frame
• Seal: a single piece of seal is supplied made with a specific V-shaped rubber which, working together with the wide radius of the angle pieces and the flat surfaces of the side walls, allows to offer the best adherence system on the market, thus avoiding water leaks and dirt accumulation.
• Screws
• Frame brackets
• Roller supports

Two motor version:
This version uses the motion from the motors assembled on the coloumns to transfer the movement to the upper and lower corners on each side of the room. This is allows a simple, robust and cost-effective system.

Four motor version:
The 4 motor version utilizes one motor on each corner and transfers the movement through a rack and pinion system. This allows a versatile, flexible, and easy to install system

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