Smart Bunk Bed

Provides up and down lift for the two bunk beds with application in rear garage. The device is controlled by an electronic central unit with 5 programming levels (Probed and TopLine) with the application of one bed lifting system only on the lower frame.

  • Unlimited stroke
  • Sophisticated gear motor very powerful and mechanical resistant with integrated encoder
  • Belt fastens on specific wall-mounted supports
  • Device fits completely under the bed frame and offers maximum fitting flexibility
  • Manual driving gear in case of emergency
  • Delivered complete with mounting cables
  • 60 kg maximum weight lifted capacity (possible to increase)
  • 400 kg maximum loading capacity (static)
  • Electrical input: 19 A
  • Motion speed: approximately 60mm/sec.
  • Weight: approximately 30 kg for the frame with bed lifting system, 22 kg for the other bed with frame only)
  • The technical specifications may change depending on the configuration of the bed

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