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Lippert is a leading manufacturer of window solutions for the Equestrian industry, serving horse owners, ranchers and farmers with quality windows for their horse trailers. We utilize our rich history of cast acrylic manufacturing to deliver custom and rolling stock windows that are designed with the comfort and safety of your horses in mind. Lippert serves the Equestrian industry across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as in North America.

Because a horse is a flight animal, we take into account the experience of the animal during travel by ensuring that windows have special features that help prevent discomfort. With our special negative-air-pressure windows, the horse can enjoy a view of their outside surroundings, especially on longer journeys, with no draught on the horse’s eyes or seeping exhaust fumes from your tow vehicle.

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Polyplastic by Lippert horse trailer window systems are made from Roxite®, a cast acrylic PMMA patented by Polyplastic by Lippert. We offer fixed, single-pane and hinged, double-pane window systems for a variety of horse trailer applications.

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