Equestrian Window Systems

We manufacture window systems for the next generation of high-quality horse trailers. Our focus is on the safety and comfort of each animal. A horse is by nature a flight animal, and that is a fact that we take into account when considering the experience of the horse during transport in a trailer. With our special negative-air-pressure windows, the horse can enjoy a view of the outside, especially on longer journeys, with no draught or exhaust fumes.

Polyplastic by Lippert

Polyplastic by Lippert horse trailer window systems are made from Roxite®, a cast acrylic PMMA patented by Polyplastic by Lippert.

Special Window Systems – Non-Integrated

Loading horse on Trailer Banner

Fixed, Single-Pane Window Systems

We offer specially designed window systems with single, fixed panes. They are available for the front, side, rear and in panorama configurations to provide complete coverage for the entire trailer.

Hinged, Double-Pane Window Systems

Our specially designed double-pane windows are hinged to allow for opening and closing as desired for increased airflow and comfort. Applications are available for the front, rear, rooftop and panorama.