Two in One

The TWO IN ONE is a variable-height bed for more compact vehicles. The bed base retracts when not in use, courtesy of an asymmetric slat arrangement, virtually halving its width. The bed-base extension movement is manual, while the lifting system is electric, based on technology proven on Project 2000’s other beds. The TWO IN ONE has two lateral runners to ensure stability and also needs a means of supporting the portion of the base when extended. The maximum load capacity is 300 kg static and the maximum lifting capacity is 60 kg. The descending motion is vertical and fully adjustable. Manual operation is also possible.

  • Vertical lifting movement
  • Electric motor with the electronic handling system of the TOP-Line handling
  • Automatic slats extension
  • Possibility to program different bedframe extensions for different positions
  • Light and silent system
  • Manual Emergency Handling System

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Technical Datasheet
Maximum lifting capacity 60 kg.
Maximum carrying capacity 300 kg (static)
Absorption 16 A
12 Volt DC