Trendy Small

Two-point lock entry door

  • Manual or electric, two-point locking system constructed from steel for reliable strength
  • Window with blind to regulate light and temperature inside vehicle
  • Includes built-in dustbin compartment
  • Thermoformed, insulated construction for a secure, tight fit
  • Equipped with right-hand aluminum hinges
  • Premium brushed aluminum handle
  • Features ‘door open’ signal switch for enhanced safety

Contact us for requests. Available options:

  • Manual or electric locks
  • Standard or low-profile hinges
  • With or without gas spring
  • Exterior panel material options

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Number of Hinges

Width Cutout Dimension Range

Height Cutout Dimension Range

Corner Radius


550 mm to 588 mm

1.740 mm to 1.945

80 or 89 mm