Battery Chargers (230V AC / 12V DC)

Battery charger LAS1218-2 or LAS 1218 BUS

  • Charging current of 18 A and characteristic curve IUoU
  • Execution as primary switched-mode power supply
  • Also for increasing the charge in systems with electro blocks
  • Also for power supply and starter battery recharging
  • LAS BUS provides temperature- compensated charging
  • LEDs show the charging phase
  • High-efficiency of approximately 90%
  • A high charging current can be achieved without fans, with compact dimensions and low weight
  • Charging characteristic curve also suitable for AGM (LAS 1218: lead-acid, lead-gel)
  • Supply mode (12,5V)
  • SDTBUS capable (#2021104733 and #2021104773 only)
  • LAS 1218-2 kits include battery charger and all required connectors with instructions
  • LAS 1218 BUS kits include battery charger, temperature sensor and all required connectors with instructions
  • Both chargers available with Schuko or Wago mains connector

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