Electro Block Power Supply Kits

Electro block EBL 208 or EBL 211

  • For use with motorcaravans
  • EBL 208 for use with six-cell lead-acid and lead-gel batteries
  • EBL 211 for use with six-cell AGM and lead-gel batteries
  • Charging module: Characteristic curve IUoU, charging current 18 A
  • Bistable mains latching relay (12-volt) and battery monitor module
  • Features a battery cutoff switch for winter storage
  • Connection for a solar charge regulator LR(M) 1218
  • Kits include electro block power supply (EBL 208 or EBL 211), control panel (LT 453), water tank level probe (M 400) and all required connectors, fuses and cables with instructions

Electro block system control panel LT 453

  • LED display panel can be mounted inside the motorcaravan
  • Voltage displays in eight levels for living area and starter batteries
  • An optical battery alarm will trigger if the battery voltage drops significantly
  • Displays water tank level in four increments for up to two water tanks
  • 12V mains switch with switch-on control unit
  • 230V network control unit
  • Pump switch with switch-on control unit

Water tank level probe M 400

  • Measures fresh and wastewater tanks up to 400 mm deep
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Includes cable, lock-nut and seal
  • Other cable and probe lengths available on request

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