Solar Regulators

Solar Regulator LRM 1218

This clocked regulator that ensures the connected solar modules are always properly functioning while the battery is in the mains charging phase regardless of solar radiation, battery voltage and module temperature.

  • Charging voltages can be adapted to the living area battery through the setting options and the optional temperature sensor
  • Charging current to the living area battery max 20 A (starter battery 2,5 A)
  • Suitable for six-cell 12V lead-acid,
  • AGM or lead-gel batteries
  • Characteristic curve: IUoU, control principle: MPP
  • Charging voltage range 13,2V to 14,9V (temperature controlled) SDTBUS capable

Solar Regulator LR 1218

This regulator limits and regulates the charging voltage from the solar modules. It ensures up to two batteries are partially charged.

  • Built-in isolation diode prevents discharge if the charging voltage is insufficient, in the dark for example
  • Suitable for six-cell 12V lead acid or lead-gel batteries
  • End-of-charge voltage for both batteries 14,2V, characteristic curve: IU

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