More Space, Less Weight

The space created by the SmartRoom weighs less than the space of the rest of the vehicle because it doesn’t require additional frame and chassis components. With a little creative design, a leisure vehicle could be shortened, weigh less, and actually feature more living space when slide-outs are added.

Example Specifications:

  • Shortened caravan length by 813 millimeters
  • Reduced weight by 106 kilograms
  • Increased space by .6 square meters

This example layout not only increases living space while decreasing unit weight, but it also makes the unit easier to walk through.


Length: 6651mm
Area: 17.6 sq. M
Weight: 1868 kg
Transportation Width: 2286mm


Length: 7464mm
Area: 17 sq. M
Weight: 1974 kg
Transportation Width: 2286mm

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