Hinged window system

  • Entry-level top-hung hinged window system
  • Designed for side and rear RV windows, custom available for RV front windows
  • Modular system with options and a choice of parts and accessories
  • Bulged, robust design with solid edges
  • Double pane, cast acrylic window with a flat unformed inner sheet and thermoformed outer sheet
  • Window system comes standard with integrated Polyfix catches for quick and easy installation (no screws needed)
  • System options available for acrylic, screen and hinge bar colors, parts and accessories
  • Screw connected aluminum top hinge bar
  • Tubular or automatic stays allow for opening in every position
  • Optional integrated lock button in the catches

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Additional Technical Features

  • Wall aperture radius 75 mm
  • Top corner radius 16 mm
  Standard Wall Aperture Ranges
W  Standard width range: 350 - 1.450 mm
H  Standard height range: 250 - 800 mm
  Build-up dept from wall 27 - 37 mm
  Net weight range 1,3 - 6,4 kilo