Our Entry Doors are manufactured with the highest standards and utilize advanced processes to provide functional and aesthetically-pleasing designs. We specialize in manufacturing motorhome cabin entry doors, caravan entry doors and variety of baggage and compartment doors. With a wide range of capabilities and modern equipment, we produce complete doors, baggage racks, external ladders, finishing roof-side profiles, cab over bed ladders, shower door rails, underbody frames and steel hinges.

We work closely with specialized designers and manufacturers and offer customized molds and prototypes. We’re equipped with the latest technology, including a 3D professional printer, which allows us to develop prototypes and small series production. We’ve developed and patented new manufacturing processes for many of our products and have reserved a significant amount of warehouse space for the research and quality control of our products.

Entry & Compartment Doors  

As one of the few companies in the European market specializing in motorhome cab doors, we take exceptional pride in the components we produce. Our caravan and motorhome entry doors are manufactured to the highest standards, and utilizing advanced processes, we build functional and visually-pleasing designs. With state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of production capabilities, we manufacture the industry’s most innovative motorhome and caravan entry doors.

Working closely with specialized designers and manufacturers, we can offer customized molds and prototypes, helping your business create unique caravan designs. We’re equipped with the latest technology, including a 3D professional printer, allowing us the ability to innovate and develop prototypes as well as small series production. For many of our products, we’ve developed and patented completely new manufacturing processes. With a significant portion of our warehouse space reserved for the research and quality control of our products, we produce a wide variety of innovative products, including complete doors, baggage racks, external ladders, finishing roof-side profiles, cab over bed ladders, shower door rails, underbody frames and steel hinges.

Above all else, great attention is paid to the raw materials, to the various stages of manufacturing and to the test reports with respect to stringent safety and quality standards.

Entry Doors

Caravan Entry Doors

With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing caravan entry doors, we’ve grown to produce some of the world’s finest and most widely-used entry doors, hatches and other OEM products for the caravan and leisure vehicle industries. We focus on creating products in accordance with best practices and work closely with our customers to ensure excellence.

Our Patents

Gasketing: Our proprietary application technology to the aluminum profiles designated for the production of doors and hatches in the leisure vehicle industry.

Vacuum mounting system: The machine that performs the FIPFG deposits a layer of liquid polyurethane on the internal part of the door frame. This substance solidifies in a short time, maintaining characteristics of compressibility and impermeability. Therefore, it becomes a complete anti-infiltration seal placed between the “sandwich” panel and the frame. With this system, the use of glues has been minimized. The “sandwich” is put on the work desk and placed in the frame. Here, a pump creates a vacuum and allows the panel to stick to the seal. The lot is then assembled using little metallic plates fastened with O-ring rivets. This process enables the verification of the watertight of the lot. In order to obtain a perfect waterproofing, machineries designed for this purpose add an O-ring to each rivet. We provide the pre-assembled panel but can also supply all of the components and even the assembly table with the vacuum pump to our caravan and motorhome OEM partners.

We supply the leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles with our products: the brands of the French groups Trigano and Rapido; the Slovenian brand Adria; almost all of the Italians brands, including SEA, Rimor and Laika; the British Auto Trail and other manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and South Africa.

We’ve developed a production process through “gasketing” that allows us to provide fully assembled doors that do not need any additional adhesives. Gasketing is a two-component polyurethane system for the manufacture of foam seals that are foamed directly onto the door by using FIPFG technology (formed-in-place foam gasket). The system consists of a resin and a hardener that are mixed together at a prescribed ratio. This process produces sealing foam within only a few minutes. After the polymerization, the seal is dry, and the part ready to be assembled.

Compartment & Baggage Doors

Our motorhome and caravan compartment doors are built with the same attention to detail and quality that recently helped us win the CRIBIS Prime Company award for commercial reliability. Using the same gasket technology and hinge technology. We specialize in manufacturing aluminum profiles for entry and compartment doors up to 2, 5 x 1, 5 meters (98.50 x 59 inches).

Motorhome Entry Doors

Our motorhome entry doors are made with advanced machinery, equipped specifically for the production of motorhome cabin doors. Using a common die, each door is made to precise standards while still allowing for OEM design flexibility and unique customizations. We can produce a wide range of entry doors, from wide or narrow, aluminum or fiberglass coating, basic or deluxe handles and hardware or with varying types of glass.

Our motorhome entry doors are made using machinery equipped and conformed for the today’s modern cabin doors. We are able to design and manufacture custom-made doors, inserting any type of lock, window or any required element. We can vary the size, coating (aluminum or fiberglass), thermoformed lining, standard or deluxe handles, or glass colors. The thermoformed lining is developed by the our own engineers following our clients specifications, or we can create an entirely new design with a high degree of customization. Great attention is paid to our rawn materials and the various stages of manufacturing. We utilize test reports with respect to the strength and safety of our doors.

One of the biggest benefits of our motorhome entry doors is the high degree of product customization. This requires our ability to move skillfully between necessary standardizations as well as customizations made at the specific request of each client to adapt the doors to different brands and models.