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”In 1992, I bought a second hand motorhome and right from the very first time out I left the step opened during parking maneuvers. I hit a tree and broke the step. That’s why I got the idea to design an electric step with an automatic closing movement. Later, I modified the system to create a two-step module.”


Davide Nardini and his wife Susanna Azzolini founded Project 2000 in 1995. It was Davide’s idea to design an electric step with an automatic closing movement (based on a mechanism consisting of two connecting rods that allows the first step to slide in under the second step, thus tucking in the entire system beneath the body of the motorhome), eventually giving rise to the model 10570, currently still in production and covered by a European invention patent.

Today, Project 2000 is a leader in the recreational vehicle sector, producing retractable steps (electric, electronic and manual), LCD TV brackets and Bed lifting Systems. Project 2000 performs all metal workmanship processes in-house, (laser cutting, punching, folding), and obtained its Certificate of Suitability for production in series in 2010. A dynamic company created and managed by people with a vision of the future, and the experience and expertise of a team of designers who love to travel in their motorhome and enjoy it with the family. Project 2000 places a great deal of attention on safety in its designs, with products that meet EC standards, designed and manufactured in full compliance with current regulations.

Since 2016, Project 2000 is also part of the Lippert Components group, a direct subsidiary of the multinational Drew Industries Incorporated. This was an important step for both Project 2000 and LC, which picked out the Florentine manufacturer to consolidate its presence in the European caravan market.

Our Values A Passion for Victory

Over the first twenty years, Project 2000 proved its goal in conquering all levels of the RV market, from vehicle manufacturers to private motorhome owners, focusing investments in quality and research into lightweight materials to develop innovative space optimizing solutions.

Project 2000 performs all metal working processes in-house (laser cutting, punching, folding, etc.), opting for steel rather than aluminium. While on the one hand steel may be heavier than aluminium, on the other hand sturdier steel steps provide better resilience and firmness, with less expansion over time. All step design prototypes undergo a series of operating tests and structural stress tests, using equipment and instrumentation that are specifically designed for this purpose.

The quality of raw materials used is essential in creating highly competitive finished products. Over this past year 2016-2017 only, we’ve made use of:
- 204,000 kg of aluminium
- 351,000 kg of iron
- 8,000 m3 of gas for the processing of metals

In addition, we employ 96 hours per month on controls and the certification of parameters agreed with our suppliers.

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

As always, Project 2000’s strength lies in its ability to guarantee the best service to customers. We consider ourselves strategic partners and design consultants in assisting large brands to integrate our solutions to their vehicles. Dedicating 400 hours per month to design solutions, side by side with our clients, we’ve managed to record a continuous growth trend year over year. As an indication of our production volumes, on a monthly basis we’re currently manufacturing 1100 bed lifting devices, 3,600 TV brackets and 2,160 steps.

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