R Series Electric Step with pendulum motion

Electric Step with pendulum motion

• New, lightweight aluminium and steel construction designed for increased stability in all conditions

• Strong protection against salty fog of the steel parts through galvanization and epoxy paint, as well as hardware parts

• Built to deter stagnate water, the sturdy, anodized aluminium footboard includes anti-slip rubber

• Waterproof sensor integrated in the motor carter for “open step” warning

• Quick movement on brass bushes deliver smooth operation over time

• High Power Engine works on ball bearings with a thermal breaker in case of excessive strain

• Anti-shock clutch preserves the motor and the gearbox from violent hits while the step is in motion

• Opens and closes with manual operation until completely closed/opened

• Includes a patented, quick manual release emergency system

• Assembled cable included

• High motion speed: from open to close 1,5 seconds

• Average amperage: 3 A

• 200 kg maximum load capacity


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