A Leader in the Rail Industry

Lippert is one of the leading innovators and manufacturers in railway solutions, manufacturing custom glass, rolling stock windows and a variety of rail interior products. We support the global Rail industry, not just Europe, with manufacturing capabilities across four continents.

By offering innovative designs and a wide portfolio of standard and customized solutions, we work with our customers from start to finish to achieve the highest quality railway products.

Who We Are

Lippert Rail produces glass windows and interior furniture for trains with a focus on high-quality products and research of innovative solutions. We offer our products to vehicle owners, operators, manufacturers, refurbishers, industry subcontractors, authorities and organizations.

Interior Solutions for Rail

Interior Solutions

Lippert is one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of a variety of rail interior products. We have manufacturing capabilities across four continents, producing everything from panels and linings to passenger comfort solutions.

Exterior Solutions for Rail

Exterior Solutions

We also engineer and manufacture exterior products such as side skirts. We employ advanced solutions for welding and gluing in order to resist the high mechanical stress that affects high-speed trains.

Glazing railway windows


Lippert is a leader in railway windows, manufacturing custom glass and rolling stock windows for a variety of train applications. Our expertise makes us a one-stop shop for all glass manufacturing needs.

Leading the way in the Rail Industry
though innovation

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The Market We Serve

Lippert offers a growing catalog of premium train products to serve the railway sector. We design and produce parts for saloon / passenger compartments, business-class sitting rooms, sleeping cars, vestibules, cabs and crew rooms and more for a variety of train types.


High-Speed products



Main Lines

Main Lines

Mass Transit

Mass Transit


Design and production of rolling stock components

Main Core

Interiors and glazing components

Main Customers

HitachiRail / Alstom / Siemens / Stadler / Trenitalia / SBB / NS / SNCF


45,000 square meters of production area in Italy and Tunisia with additional space planned for 2022 to 2026
Over 475 team members

UNIFE Member

Members since July 2021

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Lippert TEC

Technical Excellence Center

Lippert TEC logo

Lippert TEC & Rail Innovations

To further develop a better experience for rail passengers, Lippert founded the Technical Excellence Center (TEC) in 2022. This is a unique 3,000-square-meter space carefully designed to improve the customer and team member experience. Lippert TEC aims to be an innovative force in the global Railway industry.

Lippert TEC is:

  • A place where customers and EMEA team members can work together to develop ideas and solve problems through the design and testing of prototypes before and during the production phase
  • A place to train our teams who strongly believe in the power of cross-promotion between different market fields
  • A place to train people for excellence, adding value and generating purpose, performance and passion
  • A cultural hub to lead and grow the people and the community
  • A technical hub to develop new, branded products to satisfy client requests in line with sustainable mobility trends

Facility & Services

Offices: Engineering Dept., Innovation Dept., Training Center (1,500 sqm)

Workshop: Manufacturing and prototyping

Test lab: Reverse engineering, type test, process and material qualification tests

Product & Project References







Very high speed

ETR1000 Zefiro Avelia TGV2020 Avril f70

Italy and Spain France Spain

Hitachi Rail Alstom Talgo

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High speed

Avelia Liberty EC250 Giruno Pendolino NTV EVO ETR500

US Switzerland Italy Italy

Alstom Stadler Alstom Hitachi Rail

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. . . .

Regional and
main lines

LNVG RER NG Coradia POP Caravaggio Rock Virm 2/3 CFL EC Refit AT300 - WoE

Germany France Netherlands Italy Italy Netherlands Switzerland England Italy

Alstom Alstom Alstom Alstom Hitachi Rail NS Alstom SBB Hitachi Rail

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Metro Baltimore Metro Marseille Metro Lyon

US France France

Hitachi Rail Alstom Alstom

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