Backed by more than 30 years of experience, RVDoors is one of the few companies specializing in motorhome cabin doors within the European market. Officially rebranded as RVDoors in 2015, our operations are steeped in a rich heritage of quality and expertise. Our large-scale operations, on-site production capabilities and team of seasoned professionals work to ensure that our products are dependable and our services fast and flexible.



RVDoors can provide a high degree of product customization. Our ability to move skillfully between necessary, cost-containing standardizations and specialized customizations at request of each client for brand adaptation is what sets us apart.

The products RvDoors are made using machinery equipped and conformed for the manufacturing of motorhome cabin doors. Thanks to the experience and skills of our technicians and operators, RVDoors is able to design and manufacture custom-made doors, inserting any type of lock or window or required element. The doors we produce use a common die while still allowing for customer modifications. We provide a variety of customizations: wide or narrow, coated in aluminum or fiberglass, with thermoformed inner lining in various shapes, equipped with basic or deluxe handles, with clear or brown glass and more.

Great attention is paid to the raw materials, to the various stages of manufacturing, and to the analysis of test reports, with respect to stringent safety and quality measures.

A Customized Product

The added value of RVDoors is the high degree of product customization, which requires the ability to move skillfully between standardization – necessary to contain costs – and the customization made at specific request of each client to adapt the doors to different brands.


Production of Special Sandwich Panels

Production of special sandwich panels, using Hot-Melt system, planned and carried out on the basis of customers’ instructions; they consist of fiberglass or aluminum - Styrofoam or polystyrene - plywood or ABS.

Pantograph and 3D Prototyping

Pantograph and 3D prototyping on sandwich panels using CNC machinery.

Production of Special Portholes

Production of portholes for horse trailers.

Entry Doors

Our Entry Doors are manufactured with the highest standards and utilize advanced processes to provide functional and aesthetically-pleasing designs. We specialize in manufacturing motorhome cabin entry doors, caravan entry doors and variety of baggage and compartment doors. With a wide range of capabilities and modern equipment, we produce complete doors, baggage racks, external ladders, finishing roof-side profiles, cab over bed ladders, shower door rails, underbody frames and steel hinges.

We work closely with specialized designers and manufacturers and offer customized molds and prototypes. We’re equipped with the latest technology, including a 3D professional printer, which allows us to develop prototypes and small series production. We’ve developed and patented new manufacturing processes for many of our products and have reserved a significant amount of warehouse space for the research and quality control of our products.