Sessa Klein About

Headquartered in Castronno, Italy, Sessa Klein is widely recognized as the best designer and producer of windows for rolling stock: passenger coaches lateral windows and driver cab side windows.


Our Products

We operate in an evolving market where rolling stock producers are few compared to the over 100 of thirty years ago. Nevertheless, the fading geographical borders make competition even fiercer and customers more and more demanding than ever.

In response to these environment changes, Sessa Klein's business mission is to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction through its technological innovations and the commitment of its management and staff where everyone is perfectly aware of the challenges of the new global market and true to Sessa Klein's motto "BE EXCELLENT, BE GLOBAL".

Highly-skilled people with international expertise, in powerful tools for designing and prototyping, in new and modern machinery for production and in a tremendous promotion of our technology and our products among the most important manufacturers of rolling stock.