Smartroom Kit

The Kit SmartRoom extends your vehicle’s wall to allow you to increase space and decrease the overall weight of your vehicle, giving you the same comfort of a motorhome.

SmartRoom consists of two articles.  

Kit SmartRoom P/N 13677/XXXX/06/000
The figures inserted instead of the “xxxx”, represent the room travel in mm.

The kit consists of:

  • 4 corners equipped with pre-assembled motor
  • Wiring
  • Remote panel
  • Control unit + relay kit
  • Smart Room drive key
  • Installation manuals of the room and configuration of the control unit

The system is also equipped with an “open SmartRoom” sensor system which prevents the vehicle from being driven open, and ensures its safe use.

Max. Stroke: 1000mm
Max. Dimensions: 4000 x 2000mm
Max. Capacity: 500 kg
Medium Absorption: 10 A

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