Vela Pop Up Roof

Sliding connection kit for tables made with aluminium profile and plastic components

• Weight optimization: Thanks to the production technologies chosen, the different parts thickness can be assembled to reach the final assembly. The result is a weight reduction because the material is where it’s needed and not because the manufacturing process doesn’t permit any other solution.
• Product shape repeatability: using molds and equipment, the shape and it’s characteristics can be easily reproduced. The product quality and performance can be reproduced for mass production.
• Air conditioning and heating arrangements: The patented idea gives an additional value that is versatile, it can be used for different uses.
• Large options for variants: In order to satisfy all potential customers, the product was studied to be customizable. A lot of things are already foreseen, many more can be invented and added.

• The pop-top base version, just roof, plastic base and tent
• Bed frame with slats, large aluminium bed frame with wooden slats
• Lateral bed lights, 2 led light with a USB port integrated
• Switch, main switch to control the roof light with 2 USB port integrated
• Roof lights, 2 led stripes fully integrated into the roof countertop
• Countertop, an inner panel/roof cover that integrates the roof lights and hides all the wiring connections
• Wiring, all the electric cable needed to manage the roof light and the solar panel
• Ladder, a folding ladder strong and cool to climb on the roof
• Glue, a specific glue tested to have the best installation performance
• Skylight, an amazing window on the roof completely integrated
• Colours, black/white/metallic grey (we can completely customize the colour with a MOQ of 50 PCS)

• 1100x600mm and 1000x600mm openings
• Basic Variant: No electric wiring is included, no countertop included.
• Top Variant: Two electric wiring types can be chosen, four countertops can be made with two different skylight options.
• Available on FCA Ducato “H2”

• Abs thermaformed Pop Up roof with manually opening
• Electric Wiring predispositions
• Skylight installation predisposition
• Air Conditioning and heating predisposition
• 2x400N Double Pantograph frame assisted by air springs

• 100 kg

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